B&W floats into iPod-dock territory with Zeppelin

We try not to shower you with every iPod accessory that blinks into existence, but when one of the most respected speaker manufacturers in the world steps up with an iPod dock, we take notice. Today, B&W Loudspeakers unveiled the Zeppelin, a football-shaped speaker for your iPod that looks suspiciously good in the product photos. You may have difficulty creating the same lighting effects at home, but the 2-foot-wide speaker is sure to stand out in your living room.

How does it sound? We'll let you know, but with serious hardware inside — five drivers including a 5-inch woofer, glass-fiber cones, and those sweet tapered tubes for the tweeters (built within, clearly) that you find in the company's high-end designs — you can gamble on the "not too shabby" side. Three channels of amplification combine for 100 watts of power, pretty unheard of in this class. And hey, kids, it's also got the goods to send video and pi'tures to yer tee-vee. Solid stuff, to be sure, though at $599 we were expecting solid gold.