Britz Rosetta Speakers look good, might sound good, too

There are two important things to consider when looking to purchase new computer speakers: The first, and most obvious, is how they sound. The second is how they look, as you'll have to look at them all day as they sit on your desk. You don't want some great-sounding yet completely ugly speakers ruining your feng shui, do you?

The Britz Rosetta Speakers will definitely satisfy the latter consideration when you go speaker shopping. As for the first, well, I suppose we'd need to hear them to really judge, but something tells me these are of the "style over substance" school of thought. But hey, there's nothing wrong with that, right? You can pick up this slick speaker setup for about $90, plus however much it costs to import them from Korea.

Early Adopter's World, via Ubergizmo