Big Brother knows where your kids are, or at least where their clothes are

Let's say it's getting late and little Billy isn't home from school yet. Don't bother calling around to track him down, just have a satellite tell you where he is. Wait, what? Yep, clothing company Trutex is thinking about putting GPS tracking devices on school uniforms for children across the pond in Lancashire, U.K. Parents will have no trouble finding out exactly where their children are as long as they're in uniform. As you might expect, parents have reportedly expressed interest in the idea. The kids… well, not so much.

No one wants to feel like they're under the eyes of Big Brother, including school kids. The lack of privacy would allow for obvious benefits if a child went missing, but, for the same reason, we're betting kids will stow a spare outfit in their schoolbags.

Trutex, via New Launches