Barbecue chopper smokes meat, burns rubber

RUB is a trendy Manhattan-based barbecue joint. But its owner had a more ambitious vision — he wanted to combine BBQ and biking. So the restaurant commissioned this "mobile barbecue pit." It's an Easy Rider-style motorcycle with a smoker sidecar, created by the American Chopper team. It certainly is an original way to take a grill on the road, though we suspect that grilling in this baby while driving would cause a large explosion.

According to the restaurant, the motorcycle is not actually "road legal," so its owners won't be driving it cross-country when they open a new branch of their restaurant in Las Vegas. However, it's perfectly legal to use for smoking meat: a RUB spokeswoman suspects that restaurant owner Andrew Fischel will use it for events at the restaurant's new location. Since the bike cost "as much as a Bentley," we're glad that it will see some use, even if it's away from the highway.

Via Grub Street