Airport-style scanner makes you the worst host ever

You never know what crazy items those smugglers who call themselves "friends" might try to sneak into your house. If, whenever you host a party, you spend all night eyeing every purse, backpack, or gift bag wondering what could possibly be inside, then wonder no more! With Scan25 screening equipment installed at the door to your home, you'll be able to scan every suspicious bag by running it through the machine's spacious cabinet, which can accommodate anything from an envelope to a briefcase. Using a bed of controls and a 17-inch LCD screen, you'll pan and zoom over x-rayed valuables and detect danger before it becomes a problem.

Sure, upgrading your home's perimeter will set you back over $40,000, but does that kind of security really have a price? Hey there, Stan, I see you brought the "dessert" tonight. Mind if I check?

Spycatcher, via Crave