A fridge/oven combo that actually makes sense

While a refrigerator and an oven might not seem like two appliances that would work very well as one, Whirlpool's Polara manages to make a good argument for kitchen convergence — although you still won't be giving up your stand-alone fridge anytime soon. It'll allow you to pop something like a frozen burrito into the oven before you leave for work, and it'll keep it cold all day long. At the appropriate time, it'll dethaw it to room temperature, then heat it up. When it's done cooking, it'll lower the temp to a degree that'll keep it nice and warm, ready to eat.

Basically, it'll allow you to have a hot dish waiting for you when you get home from work without any work. It's a pretty awesome idea, albeit one that's sure to suck up tons of extra energy by basically acting as a second refrigerator in your kitchen. But hey, laziness has its price.

Whirlpool, via PSFK