1,000-foot Wi-Fi boost gives road warriors a better chance

There's nothing more frustrating when you're working on the move, whether you're walking or driving, than hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot. And just finding one isn't going to cut it — is it a closed personal one, or a corporate spot? Are you subscribed to the one you found? Do you need to find whatever business it's attached to and grab a drink first?

If this little Wi-Fire antenna does what developer hField Technologies claims, then the added 1,000 feet of range could make finding a spot a whole lot easier, not to mention boost your signal strength. The Wi-Fire makes use of an internal directional antenna, though it looks far easier to tote around than the usual signal boosters. Depending on how much trouble you have finding a good spot, the $80 price tag might not look so bad.

hField Technologies, via Everything USB