Wear a Nixie timepiece on your wrist

Is it me, or are we really obsessed with far out timepieces? Clockmakers smart enough to use Nixie tubes from the 50s and 60s, seem to be a big hit lately. We've already seen those that sit on your desk, and those that hang on walls, but how about one you wear on your wrist?

Cathode Corner has an interesting wristwatch that uses only two Nixie tubes to tell the time. Two small tubes are encased in a water-resistant rugged housing, and instead of using an electrical outlet to power the timepiece, the user simply flicks her wrist and the tubes light up showing first the hour, then minutes, and finally seconds before shutting off, thus saving battery life. If you are trying to prove to your friends you are the coolest dork on the planet, the $395 Cathode Corner Nixie Watch will do the trick.

Cathode Corner, via Wrist Dreams