Vibrating exercise machine is totally not a scam

Have you tried diet and exercise, but still don't get results? No? Yeah, I hear you. Dieting is a total drag, a form of self-torture in which you deny yourself what gives you pleasure. And exercise? Please. I try to make it through my day without getting covered in sweat and exhausted, not the other way around. What we need is some way to get in shape without having to deal with such unpleasantries.

Ah, here we are. The Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine looks to be a sure bet, a way to get in shape without actually having to do much. You just stand on it and let it take care of business, sending all sorts of nice vibrations through you that'll do stuff like: "improve muscle strength/tone and bone density, speed weight loss and enhance overall physical performance." Oh yeah, vibrations can sure do all that! It'll be the best waste of $230 you'll make all week.

Hollywood Gadget, via Coolest Gadgets