The cutting-board upgrade you've been waiting for

Why did it take do long for someone to come up with this idea? Peter D'Alessandro's "Waste and Want" cutting board aims to make food prep a neater experience with a practical upgrade: removable metal scoops on either end. Now when you slice up an onion, just push the choppings to the side to keep them all together. The scoops are held in place by magnets.

Would this really be as neat and tidy as the picture implies? Maybe not, but it must be better than my current system of nudging all my choppings onto a corner and then lifting and tilting the board in the hope that they all tumble into a bowl, inevitably leading to a significant spillage factor. An hey — if for some reason I end up hating the scoops, I can always take 'em off and be content with a regular cutting board. Let's get this winning kitchen concept to market, people!

Peter D'Alessandro, via Yanko Design