Taser XREP delivers wireless shocks from 100 feet away

This Taser XREP can deliver a wireless electric shock from over 100 feet away, and from the looks of it, you don't want to be on its receiving end. Its Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) is the same disabling effect delivered by wired Taser weapons. Loaded into an ordinary 12-gauge shotgun, it's designed into a 14-gram package small enough to fit into a gun barrel, yet it can travel at 300 feet per second.

As the self-contained XREP wireless Taser round exits the shotgun barrel, three fins pop out to stabilize it as it flies through the air. Its four electrodes on the front each have a barb that can penetrate clothing and embed itself into the body of its victim. It will continue shocking its victim for 20 seconds, giving the officers enough time to apprehend the suspect. Field testing for this scary weapon begins this fall, but it probably won't go into widespread use until a year later. We'll behave ourselves, officer, but please, just point that thing somewhere else.

Via Taser International