Tank Limo makes the Hummer Limo look like a Prius

Oh, so not only is a stretch limo not enough for you, but a Hummer limo isn't big and ostentatious enough to be your ride? Well, you're a jackass. And if you want to be a jackass who takes no prisoners when he goes out on the town, I have the perfect vehicle for you: the Tank Limo!

This pinnacle of human awfulness features all the accoutrements of a regular limo, such as full bar, but it's in a tank for some reason. The people who run the Tank Limo are also planning to add a Jacuzzi to it for extra opulence. If this sounds like it's right up your alley, it'll cost you between $2,200 and $5,500 for one night's use, as well as a big ol' slab of your humanity. Hope it'll be worth it.

Red Ferret, via Born Rich