Stay perky: keep that soda nice and cool with a can cooler

Where would America be without caffeine? It's the drug that gets millions of office workers through each day, waking them up in the morning via coffee and then keeping them trucking along 'til 5pm with sodas. But what happens when a soda is neglected when work duties arise, only to become warm and disgusting in the process? Should we just throw the liquid gold away? No, no we should not.

This USB can cooler is here to make sure your legal uppers stay nice and appetizing, allowing you to stay juiced up throughout the day and keep being a productive member of society. It can also keep your drink warm, so you can plop your cup of Starbucks joe in there in the morning and then replace it with colas as the day progresses. It's the American way.

Brando, via Ubergizmo