Sony shrinks down their speakers to a seriously tiny size

Some people need their speakers to be gigantic, room-filling monsters to let everyone know just how into music and home theatre they are. Other, more reasonable people, want their speakers to be diminutive yet powerful, hiding themselves while packing a punch. For this second group of people, Sony has created its new Bravia Theatre DAC-IS10.

Featuring speakers about the size of golf balls, these things are about as small as they come. That's not to say the sound they put out is small too, as they pump out sound worthy of a package many times their size. In addition, you get a less-tiny subwoofer and a gloss-black control center that can play DVDs, CDs, and MP3s. If you have a Bravia TV you'll also be able to connect easily using Theatre Sync technology. Score one for the modest team. Look for the system to hit store shelves in September.

Via New Launches