Siemens avantGarde built-in coffee machine, for luxo-sport caffeine goodness

If you're looking for the ultra-swank kitchen, you'll be interested in this Siemens built-in coffeemaker, crafted of stainless steel and recessed right into your wall. Part of Siemens' high-end avantGarde collection, it takes up nary an inch of counter space, but its space-saving features are just the beginning. It's versatile, too, brewing up just about any variety of coffee from espresso to good old American joe, in strengths for everyone from wimps to hard-core caffeine lovers.

You don't even need to pour water into it, because it's self-plumbed. Add coffee beans and it will grind them for you, too. Of course, it's fully programmable so you can set it to have your coffee ready when you come shuffling into the kitchen the next morning, and then it's able to clean that coffee-tinged creek water out its pipes when you're done. Short of a mind-reading coffee machine, this is about the best you can get. Nobody's talking about pricing here, but this can't be cheap.

Siemens, via Born Rich