Samsung makes HD, flash-based camcorders affordable

If there was ever a time to jump in and buy an HD camcorder, it's now. Samsung's just announced their SC-HMX10 camcorder, a svelte HD device with a whopping 8GB of built-in flash memory. No tapes are necessary with this guy; you've got nearly an hour and a half of 1080i recording time right on board. You won't need to worry about fast-forwarding or rewinding tapes with this guy, as it's 100% digital.

The best part of it all? It's a mere $800. These are features that would have cost over $2,000 a year ago, but due to price wars and cost decreases having a small HD camcorder with a huge built-in flash drive is approaching affordable. Now YouTube just needs to upgrade to allow for HD footage and we'll be in a new age of sharing content that's high in quality, at least aesthetically. Making what you shoot interesting is your job.

Crave UK, via Everything USB