Revolabs' xTag wireless mic lets you roam while you gab

Having a headset really helps cut down on potential feedback when making VoIP calls, but those pesky devices generally have two problems; mic placement that keeps rubbing against your face, and the wire keeping you tethered to your computer. Revolabs has introduced a full duplex wireless mic that you can clip on a label or hang around your neck with the supplied lanyard. The lipstick container shaped device also has a plug for your earphones. Combined together, the $249 device lets you roam approximately 100 feet from the base station. When not in use, the base station, which connects to a Mac or PC via USB, charges the xTab mic, providing up to 8 hours of talk time. xTab looks great for those needing to move about during phone conferences or when recording a podcast, probably not a good idea for teenagers. "You hang up first… no you… no you…"

Everything USB, via Gizmodo