Remote control wristwatch: Nice idea, probably doesn't work

Losing the remote control is a lot harder if it's strapped to your wrist. That's the idea behind the "Touch Screen TV/DVD Remote Controller Wristwatch," which is, as you might imagine, a watch that can control your TV and DVD player via an infrared signal. Its face is on the small side, so using a pen as a stylus (as in the pic) is probably the way to go.

What's the catch? Well, at $6.24, we have our doubts as to whether this thing is worth the plastic it's made from. If it works as advertised, wouldn't it be more expensive and more widely accessible? Maybe it's just the paranoia speaking, but for now chronic remote-control losers (that is, people who lose remote controls — not losers that you can move from a distance) may want to stick to using a really large remote, or this new hand remote system.

Touch screen remote watch, via Coolest Gadgets