PS3 gets a price drop, new 80GB model at old price

The Playstation 3 has taken a lot of heat since its launch, mostly for being much too expensive. At $600, it's much more than the average consumer is willing to pay for a video game system, and the public has voted with their wallets: the PS3 isn't doing too well. It seems that Sony has finally gotten the message, as they've dropped the price of their much-maligned console.

Yes, the 60GB PS3 can now be had for $500, a whole $100 less than before. But wait! If you still have $600 sitting around, you can get one of the new 80GB PS3s that was just announced. That actually might be a better deal, as it comes bundled with Motorstorm, a $60 game. Well, it's as good a deal as a $600 game console will ever be. Will this be enough to help turn the tide of public opinion in Sony's favor? I doubt it, but crazier things have happened.

Via Gizmodo