Nomadic Lamp illuminates on the fly

A lamp you can take with you? That used to be called a flashlight, but designer Dorata Kulawuk's Nomadic Lamp goes way beyond portable — the light rings are perfectly suited to be carried, worn as a bracelet, or plunked on a table. The two brightness settings let you use it as either a mood light or a primary source, with the opaque orange rings diffusing the light so there's no need for a shade. Each ring can light up your life for up to 10 hours per charge, and the charging station holds three. Best of all, it uses LED lights, which are way more efficient than regular incandescents.

Unfortunately, the Nomadic Lamp is only a concept product, with no one planning to make or sell it anytime soon. Covet at your own risk.

Yanko Design, via TechEBlog