Nixie wall clock brings back old-school charm

Retro vacuum-tube clocks rock, with their orange glow irradiating making you feel all warm and cozy. We've already seen clocks using upright Nixie tubes, but designer Frank Clewits found some very rare forward-facing tubes turning this model into a wall-mounted timepiece. The tubes extend from the curved brushed-steel face that combines a modern look with a retro feel.

As rare as Nixie tubes are, the price for the Puhlmann Nixie clock is a mere $343. If you already own a Nixie clock, treasure it as the tubes haven't been made in nearly 50 years making it difficult to find replacements when they burn out.

Take the jump for another picture of the Puhlmann Nixie clock, and a video of the clock in action.

Puhlmann Shop, via Shiny Shiny