Name that tune at the press of a button

Ever find yourself out and about and you hear a song you fall in love with, but don't know the artist or song title? Yeah, me neither, but in case your car stereo doesn't have song ID, or you aren't versed in every song that came out in the 70's, MusicMarker Now is there to help name that tune.

Press a button on the front and the gizmo will record a short segment of the song. Later, when you return from your journey, hook the $19.95 device to your computer and MusicMarker Now will scan its database and ID the song for you. The company even claims it will "point you in the right direction" to purchase or download the song. Unfortunately, MusicMarker Now doesn't work with a Mac, but does have a snazzy lanyard so you can wear it around your neck — the women will swoon.

My Virtual Zone, via Uber Gizmo