Mobile Wine Bar keeps your snottiness on the move

Nothing goes hand in hand quite like wine and snobbery. There's just something about the boozy grape juice that makes people into snooty experts, making them say things like "I detect a hint of plum in the bouquet" and "for such a viscous bottle, it has a very distinct finish." Such a dandyish practice certainly deserves an ostentatious piece of furniture.

The Alina Grills Mobile Wine Bar is the perfect epicenter for your hoity-toity wine parties. It has two independent refrigerators, two flute racks, an ice bin, and a removable wooden serving shelf for your cheese pairings that you're sure to be serving. You'll need to get in touch with them to get a price, so it's sure to be astronomically expensive, but doesn't your '54 Bordeaux deserve the best?

Product Page, via Born Rich