Metallic paw turns U.K. pooch into world's first Bionic Dog

Tick off another science-fiction idea that's entered the science-fact column: A dog in the U.K. just became the world's first to receive a prosthetic limb. The pooch, named Storm, developed a tumor in his leg earlier this year and needed to have a paw amputated. Veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick removed the limb but replaced it with titanium-alloy implant attached to the main bone. The actual false paw is made of laminated carbon fiber.

Previously used only in human fingers, the high-tech implant actually allows the dog's skin to grow into the metal, making it more like a real limb. Fitzpatrick hopes it'll act as a model for human amputees in the future. We hope it doesn't serve as an inspiration for a cyberdog episode of the new Bionic Woman series coming to NBC (who owns SCI FI, natch). Let's leave the superpowered-pet plotlines in the past, shall we?

The Telegraph, via Spluch