Ionflow adds some class to the air purifier market

I've never understood why so many utilitarian devices need to look like they were designed in the Soviet Union during the early 80s. I mean, sure, air purifiers aren't the flashiest products out there, but that doesn't mean they need to all look like beige, plastic boxes. How about spicing them up a bit?

Ah, this is more like it. The ionflow 50f is an air purifier alright, removing 99.94% of airborne pollutants, but it's also a classy addition to your apartment or house's decor. Shouldn't all appliances be like this? After all, you can spend lots of time and money decorating your place only to have it all thrown off by a few ugly devices that just don't go with anything. Kudos, ionflow.

BornRich, via Ubergizmo