iLive's speaker bar serves up your iPod

This flat-panel speaker bar doesn't serve any drinks, but it does deliver room-filling sound from your iPod. The iLive speaker bar (a.k.a. iHT3817DT) will also recharge your iPod as it plays. The actual connector for your iPod is on a motorized platform that disappears when not in use, hiding between the speaker enclosures. The speaker bar itself is a magnetically shielded, 2.1-channel speaker system with dual built-in subwoofers.

Yes, there's AM/FM radio with presets, a backlit LCD display and clock, four equalizer presets, and blahblahblah. Just in case you're the one person who doesn't have an iPod, there's an auxiliary input as well. On the video side, you get composite- and S-video jacks, a mini USB connector and a USB sync input. Priced at $300, the iLive speaker bar comes with table stand or mounting hardware.