Hands-free camera concept lets documentarians fade into the woodwork

Here's a hands-free video camera concept by industrial designer Johan Frossen that's worn around the neck or head, and its video is transmitted via Wi-Fi to a cellphone capable of editing its footage. Using a fisheye lens, the camera can transmit images of everything within the wearer's field of view. Then in the editing software on the receiving cellphone, that fisheye lens's distortions can be reversed, with the chosen areas of the pictures framed up for the finished video.

Sounds like a great idea for documentarians, who depend on their cameras' unobtrusiveness to capture an accurate view of reality. Unlike today's camcorders, which must still must be pointed, framed and focused even though they're small, this one could shoot continually with little visible effort. To be sure, this technology doesn't exist yet, with great strides needed in HD video data storage, battery capacity, and picture stabilization techniques to make it work. But this concept could someday bring documentarians one step closer to becoming that coveted fly on the wall.

Johan Frossen, via Yanko Design