Halo 3 guns are the next best thing to Halo 3

If your mom tells you that you spend too much time playing video games and you need to get outside, there's not much you can do. She's your mom, after all. So if you get your Xbox unplugged and get tossed out into the harsh, harsh sunlight, what can you do? Well, you can keep playing Halo, for one. Don't understand? You will.

Jasman Toys is releasing a set of Halo 3 guns that look to be absolutely awesome. They have infrared beams that register hits on an LCD counter, lights, recoil and even a heating vent that'll pop open whenever your gun "overheats." It's the next best thing to actually playing Halo 3. Except for the fact that the guns from Halo are more expensive than Halo 3 itself, with prices clocking in at $119 for the Plasma Rifle and $79 for the Plasma Pistol. Getting some fresh air ain't cheap.

Action Figure Insider, via Gizmodo