Get your shower up to speed efficiently with ShowerStart

No one likes hopping into a freezing cold shower (unless it's like 100 degrees outside), so it's understandable that some people let the shower heat up while they brush their teeth or go to the bathroom. But don't you know how much of a waste of water that is? For shame! But hey, I'm here for you. I found a way for you to keep being lazy and letting the water heat up while keeping you conscience clean. You're welcome.

The ShowerStart Hot Water Saver hooks up to your showerhead and lets you run the water as much as you want. When it gets hot enough, it'll stop the flow, waiting for you to get in so it can restart. It allows you to get the water up to the temperature you so desire without having it then run at that temperature needlessly for 10 minutes. Not a bad idea, don't you think?

ShowerStart, via Red Ferret