Denon keeps a straight face while announcing a $2,000 Blu-ray player

If you thought the initial price for first-generation Blu-ray players were exorbitant at $1,000, you're not going to like Denon's new "high end" offering. It clocks in at a whopping $2,000, which is basically twice as much as any other player out there. What makes it so expensive?

Well, as far as I can tell, pure chutzpah. I mean, sure, it's got dual outputs so you can watch picture-in-picture features and it can accept downloaded content via an SD card reader. It doesn't even have an Ethernet jack to get that content directly. Are you kidding me, Denon? If you think you can charge that much for something with almost nothing in the way of new features just because you've got a classy brand name, you've got another thing coming. Especially when there's still a format war going on. How many of these things are going to actually sell? 10? 25 maybe? Hope it was worth it, Denon.

Via Crave