DataGlass Head-Mounted Video Display gives you video everywhere

If you don't mind walking around looking like a cross between a pirate, a cyborg soldier and a member of the Borg hive, this DataGlass HMD head-mounted video display might be for you. Hook it up to your portable PC or video output via USB, and suddenly there appears to be a 14-inch monitor hovering two feet in front of you.

Japanese manufacturer Shimadzu is aiming this wearable display at industrial users, who often need to access tiny wearable PCs in a variety of weather conditions. That's why the company hardened this unit, making it both dustproof and waterproof.

Let's hope this tech trickles down to the consumer marketplace. Our resistance to this cool idea seemed futile until we found out about the price, $1636. If the next generation of these displays is more economical and iPhone-friendly, then we will be assimilated.

Diginfo, via I4U