Dancing Water Fountain will temporarily distract you from the bleakness of life

Is your life relatively empty? Do you need to add meaning to your days by filling them with ridiculous crap? Do you have no one to spend money on, so you just spend it on gimmicks that distract you from the emptiness that is your existence? Well, good news, buddy! Here's one such gimmick!

It's the Portable Dancing Water Fountain, and it'll sit on your desk and distract you from your work and sadness with a little water show. It shoots water up in time with music that's playing, or, if you work in an office that further crushes your soul by not allowing you to listen to music, it shoots water around on its own. For less than $50, it's sure to occupy your time for a little while, at least until you find the next desk toy to waste your money on.

Brando, via UberGizmo