Corn stripper goes on sale next month: America rejoices

OXO is a company loved by chefs for designing better versions of old kitchen staples like the carrot peeler. The company's stable of inventors may have outdone themselves with their latest kitchen innovation: the ergonomic corn stripper. Get your minds out of the gutter folks; this computer-mouse shaped gadget cuts corn off of a cooked husk of corn-on-the-cob and stores it in a little measuring cup. It's sure to go down in history with other useful gadgets like this butter slicer and banana peeler.

OXO knows just how much time and energy you put into stripping kernels off of corn everyday, and it feels your pain. For just $12, you can say goodbye to corn kernel scattering nightmares, and greet a new day full of fresh corn chowder and delicious succotash.

OXO, via Notcot