Control your TV with hand gestures

Leave it to the Australians to figure out the connection between throwing gang signs and getting your television to obey your every command. Sitting atop your television, the all-seeing camera can recognize seven hand gestures that can start the system, power on the television, and change the volume or channel. The scientists of Wollongong University say this "remote" device can be used for more than channel surfing, and hope to have it working with other devices like DVD players, stereos, and eventually game consoles. Supposedly the software is smart enough to tell the difference between you flashing the change-channel sign and telling your buddies to shove it. No word on what happens if Henry Winkler happens to be hanging out at your crib though.

I don't know which is scarier: how lazy someone must be to use this, or the camera sitting on your system watching you… all the time.

International Reporter, via The Raw Feed