Breathe Air bike helmet filters out particles and rebel fighters

What could be better than protecting yourself from unwanted particulates while you exercise, and being able to take out your enemies with blaster fire to boot? In an attempt to help cyclists breathe more easily in an increasingly polluted world, Brunel University industrial design student Luke (of course) Pannell has come up with a helmet that should be a hit with the Star Wars set.

The so-called Breathe Air helmet may not pack quite the visual wallop of the Darth Vader hot-air balloon, but it's certain to send more than a few folks scampering at the sight of cyclists who appear to work for the Empire. Stormtrooper-like appearance aside, the Breathe Air is a clever contraption, with a filtering system covering the mouth that should be a big help to those afflicted with hay fever or asthma. Any filtered particulates exit via a plastic tube each time the rider exhales.

If and when the Breathe Air hits the market, however, cyclists will have to budget for it. Pannell is looking for a manufacturer, and the helmet is expected to retail for just north of $200.

Lancashire Evening Post, via Engadget