Boeing unveils Dreamliner 787

Boeing has just unveiled their new flagship plane, the 787. The monster plane has interiors designed by Seattle's Teague, and they went and loaded the plane up with accoutrements such as opaque skylights and LEDs galore. They even went ahead and made the cockpit a more stylish and comfortable place for the pilots, so they aren't left out of the fun and stuck with yet another utilitarian space to be stuck in.

Unfortunately, you won't be flying coast-to-coast on a 787 anytime soon. The model shown off was the first of its kind, and its interior wasn't even completed yet. Hopefully, however, airlines will start snapping these bad boys up and sticking them on runways in the next year or so. The skies are about to get a little bit friendlier.

A few more pics after the jump.

Via New Launches