Boeing making truck-mounted laser for US Army

If you ever had any doubts, let me remind you of something very, very important: don't mess with the high-tech branches of the U.S. Army. They've just hired Boeing to develop some truck-mounted laser cannons to explode and burn basically anything within sight.

It's all part of the Army's High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator (HEL TD) project, and they plan to slap a big old laser cannon on a 20-ton vehicle that'll be able to take out incoming shells, missiles, and bombs before they have a chance to hit their targets. With the initial research budget of $7 million possibly getting upped to $50 million, this isn't a cheap project. But hey, it's the Army. They have lots of money to spend on stuff like this, which is why you really should stay on their good side.

Via New Launches