Bluetooth antenna provides insane range

What kind of range do you need for your Bluetooth to connect your phone to, say, a wireless headset? A few feet? Maybe more if you want to be able to wander around your house? Would 50 feet seem a bit excessive to you? What about 150 feet? Yeah, it would be tough to find a use for that, eh?

Well, if that seems excessive, get a load of this: an new antenna that provides a whopping 18.6 miles of Bluetooth range. Heck, you could go to work and leave your phone at home with that range. You could wirelessly transfer songs from your laptop to your phone from the next town over. I guess. And it's not some military-grade hack, either: you can pick one up for a mere $129. That is, if you can think of a real use for the thing.

Thomasnet, via Boy Genius