Belkin's N1 Vision router tells you what's going on

For the tech-unsavvy, setting up and using a wireless router is a daunting task. Those faceless grey boxes don't provide much in the way of assistance in their setup, and getting the job done never really goes smoothly. Why can't those routers be a little bit smarter? You know, it could work with you a little bit.

Belkin's New N1 Vision is the first wireless router to have a built-in display, showing you error messages, network status, download speeds, guest passwords, and more. It means the router can actually tell you what's going on with it, rather than forcing you to figure out how to connect to its settings page on your internal network or spend 2 hours on the phone with some guy in India. No, I'm not bitter. The N1 Vision goes on sale later this month for $200.

Via Belkin