360-degree camera and projector — holodeck on the way?

360-degree cameras are nothing new, but a 360-degree camera using a new axial symmetrical free curved surface lens that also gives a 45-degree vertical view, is a camera that should cover every possible angle. You might think this is an ideal camera for security, but when Olympus of Japan announced the lens could also be used in a 360-degree projector; things get a lot more interesting. Mounted on the ceiling of a domed surface, the projector could be used to create a pseudo holodeck. Don't get too excited about using the projector to live out your fantasy of solving a crime with Sherlock Holmes, the camera and projector are still in the early stages of development. Expect to see them roll out in entertainment venues in the next three to five years.

Take the jump to see the projector and axial symmetrically free curved surface lens.

Olympus, via Engadget