Towel-Matic Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser, not much of a worksaver

Let's just get technology to take care of every task for us, no matter how easy it already is. Case in point: The Towel-Matic Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser, which springs into action as soon as your hand gets near. Its sensor not only knows when you're reaching for a towel, you can flip a switch to dispense one sheet or two, or even the half sheets that are scored in some rolls of paper towels. Running on a quartet of D batteries, it works by sensing the roll's perforations, accurately tearing off sheets for you right when you need them.

But wait a minute here. Quickly snagging a paper towel, especially when it's hanging on a wall holder, is one of the easiest kitchen tasks to learn. If that's too tough for you, there are simple, cheap mechanical devices that can do the same thing. This contraption is an example of a technological solution in search of a problem. You might not want to waste your $56 on such tomfoolery.

Amazon, via Green Head