T-Mobile launches Hotspot@Home service — talk all you want, use 0 minutes

Now that you're using tons of minutes at home, are you regretting getting rid of that landline? Don't reverse course and start looking for that painted-over wall jack — at least if you have T-Mobile service — since the company has a way for you to talk all you want at home without using a single minute in your plan.

Starting today, T-Mobile is offering Hotspot@Home service, which enables your cell phone to connect via Wi-Fi instead of the regular network. Even if you started the call before you walked in the door, your cell will switch over to Wi-Fi once it's in range of your wireless router or any T-Mobile hotspot (there are reportedly 8,500 of them in the U.S. — including your local Starbucks!). The switch from GSM/EDGE to Wi-Fi is seamless — no fussing with menus, no messing with Skype phones. Just how it should be.

Besides being a T-Mobile customer, all you need to do to get Hotspot@Home service is add it to your plan for $10 a month, pick yourself up a Linksys or D-Link router from the T folks (we prefer Linksys, but it's up to you), and be sure you have a phone that's compatible. Right now, that's just the Samsung t409 and the Nokia 6086. But it's a start. With the iPhone leading the charge for Wi-Fi in phones, you can bet there'll be more soon. We're not complaining.

T-Mobile, via SlashGear