Speedy camera takes over 1,000 pictures per second

If you've ever tried to take a photo of something moving really quickly with a digital camera, you know that you're likely to just end up with a blurry, useless picture rather than the still-captured masterpiece that you were going for. You need a camera with a fancy, fast shutter that can capture many images per second, ensuring that at least one will get the picture you want.

This Vision Research's Phantom Miro can take a thousand 800 x 600 pictures per second, and even more if you crank the resolution down. Heck, if you don't mind your picture being a mere 36x36 pixels, it can take 95,000 pictures in a second. That's pretty insane. So if you feel like taking a picture of a balloon popping or a bullet leaving a gun, this is going to get the job done a lot better than your regular point-and-shoot.

TechDigest, via Technabob