Quick Cup gets you boiled water in a mere 3 second

Boiling water is the bane of my existence. I want my tea now, I don't want to wait minute after endless minute for a kettle to whistle. I'm a big and important man with places to go and people to see! I don't have time for you, stupid kettle! How dare you take your sweet time with my precious tea!

Oh, phew. I can relax. This Tefal Quick Cup can deliver boiling water in a mere three seconds, which is just enough time to keep me from losing my patience. It does this magical feat by heating the water only when it's on its way to the cup, as to not waste any energy heating up water you won't use. This also saves it a bunch of energy, which is a nice side-benefit. But really this is just good for me and saving my time, as time is money.

Quick Cup, via Oh Gizmo!