Porsche, the name you think of when you need an emergency radio

Porsche, maker of fast cars and designer of, well, pretty much anything, also wants to make emergency radios for the rich and famous. The P'9111 radio tunes into AM/FM or shortwave broadcasts and includes an LED flashlight. Its rechargeable battery can get juice from a wall outlet or, if you're in real trouble, the hand crank. A cell-phone charger is built in, too, so you can keep talking on your Porsche phone while awaiting rescue.

The P'9111 costs $200 and is supposedly a real product, and not just a design project, though there's no information about it on Porsche Design's site or on Etoncorp.com, which typically sells the company's stuff and as you can see is branded on the radio. What's the matter, guys — discovered that Katrina victims aren't your target demo?

Via Acquire