Philips' secret iPod-dock ingredient: Bluetooth

Bluetooth, best know for draining your cell phone's battery when paired with a wireless earpiece, is slowly getting built into more and more audio gear. Although Bluetooth headphones may still need some work, the wireless tech may do better in minisystems like the two that Philips showed off yesterday. The system pictured above is the BTM628: your basic super-sleek CD player with speakers, except that it can receive Bluetooth music streams from your music cell phone, PC or even that iPod dock in the pic (included). You also get a USB port up front and the front panel sports the words "CD Ripping," so presumably there's some significant internal memory as well.

Also coming this summer is the BTM630 ($199, picture after the jump), which has an iPod dock built right in. It does the Bluetooth thing as well, playing streamed music from any BT device within about 30 feet. It also has a slot for playing tunes from SD or MMC card.

Given the lack of quality hardware out there, I'm not sure if that many people are streaming music from their cell phones via Bluetooth just yet, but these systems may help turn the tide a little.