NeatReceipts scanner takes business cards to Outlook in 10 seconds

I've got a big pile of business cards on my desk that's built up over the last six months, which I really should to transcribe into the contact list on my computer. But it's time I admitted it: I'll probably never get to this tedious, thankless task. Too bad I don't have a NeatReceipts scanner — this tiny desktop gadget quickly scans a bizcard, digitizing all the info and transferring it to your PC via proprietary software in seconds.

From there, it's easy to import your shiny new contact into Outlook or whatever address book you use. As long as you're on a PC, however, since there's no Mac support (supposedly it's in the works). The company is sweetening the deal a bit right now by throwing in ACT! contact-management software in with the scanner. Still not sure if I'd want to pay the $200 asking price, but every business card I add to my pile makes it look more attractive.