Kodak's new camera sensor takes aim at the flash

Kodak claims to have developed a new camera sensor that will make the flash a thing of the past. By hopping up the sensor's sensitivity to light, cameras will be able to pick up much more detail in low-light scenarios, resulting in clear photos without the need for a red-eye-inducing flash.

Boosting low-light photography I can buy, but the idea of flashes going the way of the dodo seems unrealistic to me. I mean, just because you can make a dark picture come out clearly doesn't mean you won't want to have the people in the foreground of a shot brightly lit, as most nighttime flash photographs come out. But hey, if this thing does what Kodak claims, it'll be great to be able to take low-light shots without worrying about them coming out grainy or blurry, even if we keep a flash around, too, just in case.

Via Reuters