Japanese man gives robot a woman's touch

While robots certainly come in many shapes and sizes, they tend to be, by and large, masculine. Seeing the lack of representation of the fairer sex, Tomotaka Takahashi took on the task of creating a robot that didn't just look female, but moved in a feminine way as well. Thus the FT (female type) robot was born.

Last night, as part of the New York Japan Society's Tech Epoch, Takahashi let his creation strut her stuff. Impressing the crowd by first getting herself up from a prone position, the FT bot amused onlookers by striking poses à la a runway model. FT is actually pretty tiny (only a little over a foot tall), but her small and lean frame contains 23 motors and two gyroscopes, and Takahashi consulted with fashion models to make her programmed movements as graceful as possible.

Follow the link for more photos and info on the availability of the FT robot.






With most robots being designed with a healthy helping of testosterone, FT is a welcome departure from the norm. Takahashi (shown above with the FT and another of his creations, Chroino) made two FT robots, and is planning on auctioning one off soon. You may want to start saving now, though — the starting price is going to be $300,000. Good luck with that, Tomotaka. Head over to his site to check out some video.