Is it a bicycle? A tricycle? No, it's a 4cycle Zero Emissions Machine (ZEM)

Once all the gasoline is gone, we might be back to using muscle power, and that's when this 4cycle ZEM (Zero Emissions Machine) can help transport you and your three closest friends from here to there. With everybody peddling full tilt, this sucker can probably pick up some serious speed.

It's well-equipped to stop you, too, with four hydraulic disc brakes, and two-point seat belts for all four riders. The thing's even ready for night riding, sporting a couple of headlights up front. It reminds us of the Quadcycle prototype we showed you last year, but this 4cycle ZEM is real and available now. After the jump, check out three more angles of this pedal-powered conveyance from Switzerland.


Priced at EUR 5960 (that's just over $8000), it's certainly a lot more pricey than a typical bicycle, but it's sure a better deal than a car, and you don't even have to put any gas into it. It's also available in a two-seat model.

ZEM Europe, via Oh Gizmo